Independence Day

May 16th, 2001 was a landmark occasion for HipHop culture; the day when the Temple of Hiphop Kulture and the Universal Zulu Nation among many others including signatories of the Hiphop Declaration of Peace confirmed that HipHop was a culture and the United Nations through UNESCO would help to uphold that culture.

Since that time great events have happened resulting in great upheaval of that culture including in cross cultural evolution of the nations surrounding HipHop’s homelands and most remote outposts. Business and institutions have come and gone; tastes have shifted; leadership within the culture has suffered greatly through demise and disgrace and through lessons learned by all of HipHop’s success and failure is that we are simply a reflection of our ancestors.

HipHop’s biggest metaphysical problem is not embracing the community, the communal liberty and justice of its primary ancestors. We instead take out cues from our most recent antecedents and venerate them flawless and flawlessly. We have been taught creation myth and philosophy but less about continuing action. We have made the culture’s pioneers godhead when the freedom fighters and revolutions that made and broke them go untold. HipHop still has not committed to its decolonization, and for Sanctuary Threesixty/STS*, here is a fine beginning.

May 14, 2018 marks what is the Temple of Hiphop Kulture’s annual observance period, Hiphop Appreciation Week. The week is also being observed by independent HipHop culturalists as well, STS is in solidarity as a mainly meditative period. Observations will be shared here on topics over the coming week primarily around edutainment; but also creation myth, spirituology of urban metaphysics; and building better community.

STS will post observances through the entire period but our height is the anniversary that our tribes came out of the shadows. Here’s to May 16.


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