About the author

Billy “Karma” Tuggle is a writer, vocalist, performance poet, student and mentor of HipHop. Chicago South Side native and resident, Billy’s expression of culture is that of an informative and competitive modern griot.

In addition to winning and finals appearances in some of the country’s highest caliber poetry slams he has collaborated with some of the finest talent of the slam scene. Spoken word has opened lanes for Billy to share stages with Saul Williams, Sage Francis, B Dolan, Large Professor, KRS-ONE, Psalm One, JUICE, DJ Spinna and more. Billy is the first spoken artist and slam competitor to release a mixtape, Syllaballistics 101 with DJ Risky Bizness in addition to 2 other independent releases. He has appeared in the films Urban Poet (2003) and Louder Than A Bomb (2010).

Billy’s first collection of poetry, Conscience Under Pressure was published thru Fractal Edge Press; He has also appeared in several journals- Columbia Poetry Review; 16th & Mission Review; Bestiary; His audio and printed work have reached academic media via McGraw Hill Publishing Literature Launchers video series and the Write Bloody Publishing anthology Learn Then Burn. He is currently a member of the multi-media writers collective PolyRhythmic and co-founder of the Chicago Four Star Poetry Club. Karmaquarius studied anthropollogy, metaphysics, entrepreneurialism, activism and poetry at the Temple of Hiphop.

Billy has performed, facilitated workshops and lectured at the Green Mill Lounge (Chicago); Nuyorican Poets Cafe; the Berkeley Poetry Slam; the Boston Poetry Slam; the University of Connecticut; Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago); Bowery Poetry Club (NYC); the University of Minnesota; Humboldt State University; the Vancouver Poetry Slam; University of California (Berkeley and Santa Cruz) and…more!


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