Imagine a HipHop culture in which each active participant, successful in their own right, undenianly talented in the arts and/ or business of the culture taking a protégée; imagine the master and apprentice leading study and practice groupsamong the youngest in art-and-culture cwntered schhols founded by practicioners of the culture instead of just the university-approved pop culture professor and rap star guest lecturer.
Imagine organizations like the Universal Zulu Nation, Rock Steady Crew, Temple of HipHop at the forefront of this effort.

Now… If we can continueto imagine, we can biild.


Great interview from 3/9/14…

Vocalist/poet/educator/commentator; the Bay Area’s Epiphany Castro hosts a weekly 2 hour gab called Epiphany’s House I was her guest and we listened to great music and talked of our backgrounds in it; What mentoring means to me; lots lots more. Check her out every week on Blogtalk Radio, home of other great spoken word & performance poetry related shows.

2012 HipHop Appreciation Week, a press release

From the Temple of Hiphop Kulture…


In this year, our 14th Annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week will be celebrated starting on the Monday of May 14th 2012 and will conclude the following Sunday May 20th 2012.

Our theme this year will be LOYALTY!

Remember that Hiphoppas observe Hip Hop Appreciation Week as a time set aside to acknowledge and appreciate the existence of Hip Hop in its Elements.

  • Breakin
  • Emceein
  • Graffiti Art
  • Deejayin
  • Beat Boxin
  • Street Fashion
  • Street language
  • Street Knowledge
  • Street Entrepreneurialism

First announced by The Temple of Hip Hop in 1998, Hip Hop Appreciation Week unites the Hip Hop community around its principles of Peace, Love, Unity and safely having Fun. So despite the sometimes irresponsible handling of hip-hop in mass media, Hip Hop Appreciation Week acknowledges the original intent of Hip Hop and urges those who work in any area of media to upgrade their presentation of productive Hip Hop music, movies and writings to the public.

The Teacha “KRS One” would like to emphasis our need to take action and BE Hip Hop. Remember that the goal of HHAW is to de-criminalize the images of Hip Hop Kulture that are presented to the World by the mainstream media. During HHAW, Hiphoppas should amplify the good work they’re doing in their community through Hip Hop Kulture.

Minista Zin One will be confirming available dates for anyone who may be interested in booking The Temple Of Hip Hop for your local HHAW 2012 event(s) and will be taking proposals for events that week (

During Hip Hop Appreciation Week, serious “Hiphoppas” are advised to:
• Give the next person the right of way. Allow others to pass you.
• Donate your skill to someone who cannot afford it.
• Give the loose change of your purchases to the person behind you in line.
• Be quick to compliment and slow to criticize. Perform forgiveness.
• Give 10% of your salary to your child’s teacher, to your teacher, or to a teacher.
• Offer assistance to a neighbor; clean their kitchen, bathroom, etc., baby-sit, tutor, etc.
• Study and teach the culture, arts, history and philosophies of Hip Hop.
• Talk to young people about images & performances of today’s mainstream Rappers and DJs.
• Acknowledge and celebrate the person or place that introduced you to Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Appreciation Week not only allows real Hiphoppas to promote their own concerts, lectures, workshops, art exhibits and cultural conferences, in their own communities raising money and opportunities for themselves and their families, but it also calls upon Hip Hop’s artists as well as those corporate entities that make money exploiting “hip-hop” to give back to the culture that has given them so much.

Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an opportunity to be a supporter of Hip Hop’s Culture, not just an exploiter of Hip Hop’s arts. The Temple of Hip Hop teaches that the true preservation of Hip Hop must include the preservation of Hip Hop’s people, not just its products and artifacts. This is why Hip Hop Appreciation Week is so important to Hip Hop’s further development; it is because Hip Hop Appreciation Week is an event that gives average everyday Hiphoppas an opportunity to make some money, teach some young people, and enjoy some real Hip Hop; basically preserving the Culture by BEING the Culture.

This year we will also be hosting several Official Temple Of Hip Hop Events during this important week in Hip Hop. If you are interested in becoming involved with this years HHAW Event Series, or seeking Interviews & Booking availability, please feel free to reach out to directly the information below. For all info on how to book interviews, lectures, or events please contact:

Minista Zin One or Kable Reid

7 attributes for teaching HipHop culture, #5: Practice.

Opportunities constantly present themselves to the practicing B-Boy, MC, and promoter, anyone who constantly keeps themselves in the movement of the community. Once your talent is unquestionable, once that mixtape, magazine, website or production company has a reputation for the freshest look and sound, you increase your own demand. This comes with the need to always be perceived as having something new and not recycling past work.

This is especially true with the breaker and his/her stunt-like moves which will always be bitten. Practice is an important mantra for the graff writer. As they get their tag into muscle memory, it has to be done with several media- marker, spray can, shoe polish, etc. as well as committing to a unique expression of styles.

MCs should really read as much if not more than they write or rap in order to expand vocabulary and syntax.

7 attributes for teaching HipHop culture, #4: Application

Beyond the want and ability to create within your lane, your interest and skill-set will be the desire to expose your art and/or business to the larger public. This is where the drive of an artist or culturist separates itself from the hobbyist. The individuals who seek new avenues to display their craft will usually be the ones driven to constantly express new styles, methods and aspects of themselves within the culture. The hobbyist will buy records, go to concerts and support the local scene but not move beyond using their skills beyond recreation.

The culturist not only entertains or seeks entertainment but finds ways to cross societal boundaries often within the arts of HipHop themselves. Whether you are a creative force or management/administration force, your creations are being used to advance the careers of many, why not use your skills to advance your entire community?

7 attributes for teaching HipHop culture, #3: Create

You will come to a point where the instinct to express your skills is instinctive and in many ways therapeutic. Moving to any instrumentals freestyling rhymes, beats, dances, especially in social situations or open mics is a cathartic expression of an inner self or idea of you want self to become. Many many times, it is not the music that moves us but the images crated and left behind, from photographers and art directors for a label or magazine, to street artists bombing their way to and from the party. HipHop is a culture of self-creation. This is not something you can sell or put into a box or a bag. This is a state of being.

You promote a party or start a production group with friends or write a newsletter or blog about your favorite aspects or important aspects and topics of the culture. You are making your demo or pushing your mixtape. You are in action, you are finding your comfort zone and this is easier for some people than others. I never understood that there were so many lanes for the HipHopper to apply the knowledge of 4 pillars to until I saw how some skills- writing, speaking- were universal, it all depended on the frame of mind with which to approach them creatively.